Iranian Pomegranate Concentrate - Brix65 - Export

Iranian Pomegranate Concentrate

Brix65 – Export

Iranian Pomegranate Concentrate – Brix65 – export – With organic certification

Pomegranate juice concentrate is one other of pomegranate fruit production. This product is very delicious and wonderful for us, especially when we cannot enjoy the fresh pomegranate fruits

Pomegranate concentrate is rich of nutrients, minerals, vitamins and has all the property of pomegranate fruit. Each tablespoon of Pomegranate Juice Concentrate equals the juice from one medium-sized pomegranate

“SavehAnar Company pomegranate concentrate is Natural, Pure and %100 organic with high quality because we try to select best sort of fresh pomegranate fruits

Saveh Anar co’s pomegranate juice concentrate is a natural and transparent pomegranate juice which normally has thickened for four times, and the brix of Pomegranate juice concentrate, according to the order can be 60 % to 65

SAVEH pomegranate in normal condition has the following elements
Skin 24%
Juice 62%
Grains 14%

Saveh Anar co’s pomegranates juices concentrate aren’t added Sugar, no Fillers, and no Preservatives and also they are %100 natural and organic

Saveh Anar Company are used modern packing line, careful quality control eyes; fast and effective logistic department in addition to competitive prices has made us a reliable fruit supplier company globally

How to order the product

You can order it online if you are connected to the internet
You can visit the head office directly and in person
If you can’t find the two methods above, you can order your product by phone

Contact Saveh Anar Trading Group

Business Manager: Khademzadeh

Mobile: +989128551801

Mobile: +989025557259

WhatsApp: +989128551801

WhatsApp: +989025557259

Office Number: +988642234115


Office Address: SavehIran

Pomegranate Concentrate

Saveh, Iran

Iran – Export

Iranian Pomegranate Concentrate – Brix65 – Export

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